How to Buy Scrapple Online

by admin on November 15, 2011

The motivations for buying scrapple online are many. West Coast Scrapple customers have told us:

    • They like the convenience of having scrapple delivered straight to their doorstep
    • Scrapple is not available to them locally
    • West Coast Scrapple has lower saturated fat, lower sodium, lower cholesterol than any other leading scrapple brand
    • Desire for a scrapple made with high quality pork and without organ meat or chemical preservatives
    • Remember scrapple being served in their family when they were growing up and want to reconnect with the comfort food from days past
    • Send scrapple as a gift to a family member in another part of the country
    • Want a higher quality, more healthful, and affordable substitute for bacon or sausage on their breakfast menu

When making a comparison of which scrapple brand to buy online, the price per Lb. should not be the focal point of your purchasing decision. If you focus on the lowest price per Lb. without regard to the cost of shipping, you generally will find you are paying more than you need to.  If you consider the total cost, including shipping, West Coast Scrapple provides the best value.

Here is an example of how you can save money ordering scrapple online:

Today you can buy scrapple online directly from the website of an east coast scrapple producer at an advertised price of 6 Lbs. for $25.00, or $4.17 per Lb, plus shipping charges for UPS 2-day air. Assuming a total package weight of 10 Lbs with gel packs and insulation, the UPS published rate for UPS 2-day air to a residence in Chula Vista, California would add an additional $72.45. The total cost to your doorstep becomes $16.25 per Lb. Conversely, shipping 4 Lbs. of West Coast Scrapple anywhere in the country you will be charged $7.25 per Lb., plus shipping charges of $19.99. The total cost to your doorstep becomes $12.25 per Lb.

That’s $4.00 per Lb. less to buy West Coast Scrapple.  High Quality Pork, No Organ Meat, No Preservatives . . . a healthier AND more economical choice to buy scrapple online!


If you live in the Seattle, WA or Portland, OR metropolitan areas you can save even more. The local delivery charge in these two cities is only $5.99 per order. There is a separate section on our order page for those customers ordering locally in Seattle or Portland. Try it, this is really convenient and economical for you.

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