In the Kitchen – Gluten Free Scrapple

by admin on January 30, 2012

Our Gluten-Free pork scrapple is in development.  Last week we spent considerable effort testing recipes for gluten-free scrapple.  We anticipate it will be available to customers in the very near future.

We seem to be gravitating towards a gluten-free recipe that includes buckwheat.  Buckwheat, contrary to what the name suggests, is not a variety of wheat at all.  Neither cereal nor grass, buckwheat is actually a seed that contains no gluten.  I have seen it as a scrapple ingredient used in Pennsylvania Dutch cookbooks dating back over 75 years.  We have tried several buckwheat recipe iterations and we have the ingredients figured out.  So, we think we are down to proportion and nutritional analyses.

Meanwhile, I thought it would be interesting to relay one of our findings to date which probably runs true for all scrapple loving chefs attempting gluten-free or any other of their favorite scrapple recipes.

One of our concerns was the effect on the pork stock when eliminating the whole wheat component.  We tried several techniques to firm up the broth before incorporating it into the recipe.  One result was of particular surprise to us.  I don’t know what the technical culinary term would be so I’ll just say, “We loaded our ‘pot au’ pork’ with a variety of fruits and vegetables and the customary/required amounts of onions, garlic and herbs . . . and cooked the crap out of it!”  Then we finely strained the stock . . . and . . .  cooked the crap out of it again!  It was amazing to watch as our broth shrank from public view like Kirstie Alley on Jenny Craig, Oprah on her tenth(?) diet try, or Pee Wee Herman after the public restroom incident .  In the end, we progressed further into the recipe with a stock that had been reduced at least 10 times from its original volume.

The broth had become an item on its own.  A stand alone taste that smothered our tongues with intense flavors.  The sweetness of the fruit and the richness of the vegetables in a steaming pork bathwater.  When we got to the point of spicing the broth we were having a heck of a time getting any of the scrapple herb and spice flavor to come through on the tongue.  We were dumping more and more spices into the mix and NOTHING was coming back out.  It is the big black hole of culinary taste, a singularity, powerful enough to make Stephen Hawking jump out of his wheelchair and dance the Macarena!

Our taste buds were vibrating and totally stimulated but there was no scrapple taste . . . only the most awesome stock flavor.  When we finally realized what we had created we just stood in reverence and amazement, asking ourselves each at the same time the age-old question, “Is it possible to create a stock so rich and flavorful that the other ingredients are helpless in trying to break through to the tongue?”  The conclusion was, “YES!”, that is exactly what had happened.

We did the only thing we knew from past experience was certain we should do with something from the kitchen this good . . . HID IT FROM THE FAMILY.  So we froze it and are contemplating how to transform this mountain of good taste into something our customers can appreciate in their homes.

This is where we stand so far in the gluten-free scrapple quest.  Stay tuned down the road for the pleasurable conclusion.

P.S. – We hired guards and are keeping the freezer location a secret.

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